About Us

We are passionate about bridging the cultural divide and uncovering gems to the gaming audiences everywhere.

Sticky Rice Games was established in 2016 to consolidate a game localization and marketing business under an easily recognized brand. The company supports game developers and publishers looking to enter the Asian markets with a strong emphasis on Japan. 

Your gateway to a world of captivating and immersive gaming experiences produced by unique creators and minds!


Our founder and President Steve Fry started his career in the early 90s developing games in Japan, creating hits like “Breakthru!” while working with Zoo Corporation. Following the success of “Breakthru!”, Steve built a successful team with Zoo to import, localize and market games from around the world into Japan.

Under Steve’s guidance, in 2013 Zoo was able to facilitate licensing agreements, supporting localization and marketing efforts for companies like Koch Media, Focus Home Interactive, SCS Software, Psyonix, Kalypso Media, 1C Interactive, Astragon, and Aerosoft amongst others.

In 2014, Zoo started developing Unity based games. and we have supported both localization into English and marketing of these games to international markets.

Japanese Branch

Japanese interactive art & games to the global market through sales in digital and physical stores around the world. The team has gone on to assist with product enhancement through development projects and marketing efforts that have resulted in selling over 750k units on global platforms.

Active Development Team

The Sticky Rice dev. Team stays ever active, continuing development of new games, and porting great Japanese titles to major platforms including Android, iOS, Playstation, and the Nintendo Switch.