Our Services


Our expertise in the Japanese market we can help you navigate the landscape and market your title to a core gaming audience in the East. With international knowledge of eastern markets we can increase your reach in other Asian markets.

Custom Development

Our in-house development team is ready to help you prepare your games for launching on our affiliated stores.

Our team has helped indie studios add features like; cross-platform multiplayer to games to boost their appeal to a mainstream market. They have also developed ports of existing games for new platforms, most notably our work with Japanese indies breathing new life into their older titles by developing Android ports of their games.


Our dedicated team of skilled translators, writers, and cultural experts ensures that each game we bring to the East is carefully and authentically adapted.

We take great care to preserve the original essence, rich themes and intent of games while making them accessible and relatable to Eastern players. From refining dialogue to adjusting gameplay mechanics for new gamers, our localization process is a labor of love and cultural respect.

Age Rating in Japan

Certain platforms that you will be releasing your game on in Japan you may need to apply for an official age rating. We are capable of navigating all aspects of the age rating process.