Rogue Explorer Released

March 11, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Pixel Art Hack & Slash Roguelike Action!
Use the items you have acquired through exploration to strengthen your equipment and make new equipment.

Let’s challenge the towering “Abyss Tower”.

About Rogue Explorer

The Abyss Tower will take you on an adventure. What awaits you deep in the abyss? Explore randomly generated dungeons in a roguelike action experience. Hack and slash enemies, acquire loot, and obtain enhancements to your existing equipment.

Search your surroundings by performing jumps, wall jumps and rolling.

◆Daily Stage
Randomly Generated Stages do not change for a day: even if your search doesn't reveal any treasure, continue your exploration without having to memorize a different layout.

◆Deep Search
Deeper Explorations feature randomly generated stages that change each time you play, offering a harder challenge in a more roguelike experience.

◆Various Weapons
Open treasure chests to acquire various weapons such as swords, spears and staffs. Upgrade them with materials acquired by completing stages. Combine equipment and synthesize more powerful items.

◆Avatar Changes
Your playable character shows the equipped items and their appearance can be altered with new color options.

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