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Pretty Girls Tile Match

A matchpalz game is now available in the "Pretty Girls" series, where you match 3 mahjong tiles with the same design and erase them! Clear the stage, get costumes for 6 Pretty Girls, and aim for completion!

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Challenge all 120 stages

There are 20 stages for each of the 6 characters, and 120 challenging stages.Earn points by clearing each stage and get new costumes for the Pretty Girls from the dressing room shop!

Perfect for brain training!

Match 3 mahjong tiles with the same pattern and erase them, and if you can erase the mahjong tiles in the field, the stage will be cleared.Determine the best order of mahjong tiles to erase so that your hand of mahjong tiles does not become full!

Enhanced hint function that strongly supports strategy!

Powerful help functions such as shuffle and undo are available to assist you in solving puzzles.The hint function will support you in trouble!

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