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Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS

"Pretty Girls Breakout!", A batting action-type breakout game that hits, hits, and hits back, is powered up! New game modes and new gimmicks have been added to make "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS"! Complete the stages and get the costumes of 10 Pretty Girls to complete the game!

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Pretty Battle

This mode has 5 stages for each of the 7 characters. The difficulty level increases with the level of the stage. You can earn points by clearing each stage. Use the points you earn to get new costumes from the point exchange in the dressing room!

Eternal Challenge

In this mode, players compete to see how high they can increase their high score by endlessly breaking blocks that are approaching. The score increases as you break blocks and smash continuously, but it decreases as the ball falls or you take damage. The game is over when the block reaches the position of your ship. Try your hand at the endless, never-ending stages!

"KAWAII" Girls are waiting for you!

There are 10 characters in total!New costumes can be changed in the dressing room. All characters are voiced in Japanese.

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