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Mystic Gate

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    Steam, Switch


A Mystic Gate created by the gods suddenly appears in the human world. Adventurers challenge themselves with the tests that await them beyond the gate. In order to earn your wish you must defeat hordes & bosses in this roguelike dungeon exploration bullet hell!!

Official Trailer
Character 1 - Elf
Character 2 - Former Adventurer
Character 3 - Knowledge Seeker
  • With changing dungeon layouts, randomly positioned enemies and loot players get a unique & intense experience that’s never the same twice!
  • Skills appear at random every time! Feeling lucky?
  • Find rare mythic items in-game to beef up your character permanently for your proceeding runs!v
  • Local co-op play is supported two players.Join forces and take on the trial with a friend!
  • Randomized unique weapons that appear in different places through your run-through. Feeling lucky?
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