Mad Tower Tycoon & Mad Games Tycoon on Switch

June 30, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Sticky Rice Games (headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CEO: Steve Fry) today announces the release of Eggcode Games’ Nintendo Switch titles “Mad Tower Tycoon” and “Mad Games Tycoon” on the Japanese Nintendo Store. The price is Mad Tower Tycoon 2980 yen (tax included), Mad Games Tycoon 3980 yen (tax included).

Mad Tower Tycoon

Mad Tower Tycoon builds your own building from scratch on empty land, introduces commercial facilities, residences, management facilities, etc., manages the building to satisfy the residents, and makes a profit. It is a "skyscraper construction simulation game" that expands the building.

Mad Games Tycoon

Mad Games Tycoon is a game company management simulation title in which you establish your own game company in the early 1980s and aim to become a major game production studio that produces AAA titles.

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