Case Study

Wild Romance

  • Localization from Japanese

    English, Spanish, Chinese

  • Development

    Portng to PC, Mobile and Console

  • Publishing

    Steam for PC

けもみみハーレム化け~しょん~田舎でのんびりもふもふ獣耳少女たちと子作り三昧~ was a PC game released on July 29, 2016 for the Japanese market.

The game garnered positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. We were tasked with developing and selling the English version.


Game’s over 220k+ words in 7,000+ lines of dialogue were translated into English. In subsequent releases, Spanish as well as Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese were added to create a multi-lingual release.

Over 15,000 players have enjoyed the multilingual version of Wild Romance to date.

New Windows Port

As the original title was created using 吉里吉里 (KiriKiri) game engine, it ran without problems on PC running Japanese version of Windows, but it didn’t work on any other language version of Windows. The outdated game engine was released in 1998 saw its development halt in October 2010 without any updates, we decided to replace it with a modern game engine.

We chose to redevelop the game in Ren’Py as it was in active development since August 24, 2004 by its creator Tom ‘PyTom’ Rothamel, with healthy support from open-source developers. With the new engine, we modernized the code for Windows running in any language.

Wild Romance for PC was released on Steam on October 19, 2016 and with subsequent updates, can be played in the native Japanese, or in English, or Spanish.

Mobile Port

With the Windows port of English version of the game completed, while other languages were being added, our development team focused on mobile devices, creating versions of this game for Google Play store running Android OS, as well as for iTunes store running Apple iOS, thanks to Ren’Py’s multi-platform support.

Switch Port

For the game’s release on console platforms, we partnered with Ratalaika Games  who specializes in porting and publishing PC titles to consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

Switch version of Wild Romance was released worldwide on December 12, 2022.

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