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March 9, 2021



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Popular Arcade Game "Pretty Girls Panic!" is back with more power. Expand the area steadily and dodge enemy attacks and avoid capture. There are 40 stages in total. Conquer all stages and Complete the rescue of these Pretty Girls.



  • Familiar "capture territory" arcade game, where you're in control of the playable character and cut out sections of the map to expand the control area. You must avoid contact with the enemy and enemy attacks. If you can secure a certain percentage of the area, you clear the stage. With each stage cleared, you unlock new characters and costumes in the gallery.
  • A lot of Pretty Girls Game features 22 partner characters and stage characters. Each character is voiced. Unlock special costumes by completing each stage.
  • Partner Characters Either "Yu" or "Asahi" can be your partner. Completing stages with your partner, your friendship level increases and you unlock additional costumes for your partner.
  • ※All characters portrayed in this game are fictional and are over 18 years old. ※This is a game featuring pretty girl character images but there is no nudity. ※Bishoujo characters are used under official license.


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