Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic

Attention all units this is an emergency! We have experienced a communications failure to the Bishoujo Battle team. If you are receiving this message please dive into Cyberspace and attempt to rescue your comrades. 40 "Rikku☆Jiasu" (Rick G Earth) girls to save in 50 exciting stage clearing missions.

Bishoujo Girls

Play as the well-known character Lieutenant Al Ichigaya from Rikku☆Jiasu mobile game

40 Levels + 10 Special Levels

Clear 40 rescue stages and unlock 10 special extra levels featuring bishoujo girls in multiple uniforms and costumes.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Remove the communications barrier by slicing chunks of the barrier away while avoiding bugs, viruses and defensive bots deployed by the cyberspace enemy.

Our Work

For the launch of the game, Sticky Rice Games managed the Steam store content and user forum, and general marketing. Upon the launch, additional support and marketing campaigns were conducted.